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URSI Student Paper Competitions

URSI supports Young Scientists to actively participate and present their work on the occasion of URSI Flagship Meetings or at national or regional URSI events.

The URSI Flagship Meetings are the 3 meetings in a triennial cycle: the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS), the Atlantic Radio Science Conference (AT-RASC) and the Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (AP-RASC). At the occasion of these 3 URSI Flagship Meetings, a Student Paper Competition is organized using the rules below.

Besides these URSI Flagship Meetings, URSI also supports the organization of Student Paper Competitions at the occasion of national or regional URSI meetings and symposia, orgnaized by the URSI Member Committees. the organizing URSI Member Committee can request up to € 500 financial support by sending a request to the URSI Board through the URSI Secretariat.


GASS 2020 Student Paper Competition




Chair of the Student Competition Committee:

Prof. Sembiam Rengarajan

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair, USNC-URSI

California State University, Northridge, CA  (USA)





Financially supported by the USA URSI National Committee (USNC-URSI)


GASS 2020 Student Paper Competition Finalists

1st Prize Winner      



Sacco, Giulia

Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Vital Signs Monitoring for Different Chest Orientations Using an FMCW Radar

(Commission K)



2nd Prize Winner      



Hanzelka, Miroslav

Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

Modeling the Fine Structure of Natural Discrete Plasma Wave Emissions in the Earth's Radiation Belts

(Commission H)



3rd Prize Winner      



Estacio, Benjamin

Stanford University (USA)

Dust and Atmospheric Effects on Light Gas Gun Hypervelocity Impact Experiments

(Commission G)



4th Prize Winner      



Leung, Calvin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Demonstration of a Synoptic VLBI Technique for Localizing a Non-Repeating Fast Radio Burst with CHIME/FRB

(Commission J)



5th Prize Winner      



Barani, Navid

University of Michigan (USA)

A Handheld Mechanical Antenna with Frequency Multiplication and Phase Modulation Capability

(Commission B)



Other finalists (in alphabetical order)      



Capannolo, Luisa

Boston University (USA)

Subrelativistic Electron Precipitation Driven by Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron (EMIC) Waves: Multi-Event Analysis Using Multi-Satellite Observations

(Commission H)






Chutia, Lakhima

Dibrugarh University (India)

Distribution of sulfur dioxide over Indian subcontinent: Remote sensing observations  and model reanalysis

(Commission F)






Liu, Shuang

The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Design of multi-locus transcranial magnetic stimulation coil with single driver

(Commission K)






Pallu, Melody

LPC2E, University of Orleans, CNRS (France)

Estimation of radiation doses delivered by Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes

(Commission H)






Treviso, Felipe

Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Machine Learning Applied to the Blind Identification of Multiple Delays in Distributed Systems

(Commission E)






Wan, Ziwei

Beijing Institute of Technology (China)

Multi-User Multi-Stream Hybrid Precoding for Broadband Millimeter-wave Massive MIMO Systems

(Commission C)




Rules for the Student Paper Competition at each of the 3 URSI Flagship Meetings (URSI GASS, URSI AT-RASC & URSI AP-RASC)

  • The first author and presenter must be a full-time university student.
  • The topic of the paper must be related to the field of one of the ten URSI Commissions.
  • A Full Paper, not longer than 10 pages and not shorter than 4 pages in single-column, single spaced format meeting the requirements of the URSI Template, must be submitted by the date set for each of the URSI Flagship Meetings,.
  • Submissions should be made through the online paper submission system set up for each of the meetins with indication of the willingness to participate in the Student Paper Competition.
  • The Full Paper will be evaluated within the Competition and will not be published to ensure that there are no subsequent prior-publication issues for those students who wish to submit the work to a journal. This means that the ten-page Full Paper will not be included in the symposium proceedings.
  • The student must also submit a Summary Paper or Extended Abstract on the same subject to the appropriate session. The Summary Paper or Extended Abstract will be included in the symposium proceedings.
  • A paper that is submitted to a journal before submission to the student competition is ineligible. 
  • A letter from the student’s advisor on university letterhead must be appended to the Full Paper. The letter must state that the author is enrolled as a full-time university student in a degree program. If the Full Paper is coauthored, the letter must state that all coauthors played only an advisory role. No other students are permitted as coauthors.
  • Ten to twelve finalists will be chosen based upon quality, originality and scientific merit. They will receive free access to all social activities at the URSI Flagship Meetingsand will be recognized. Prizes will be presented to the top finalists.
  • The finalists will present their papers in a special SPC session at each of the URSI Flagship Meetings. They will be judged by a panel consisting of the ten URSI Commission Chairs or their authorized representatives.
  • The prizes will be awarded based on the clarity of the presentation, adherence to time, accessibility to the broad audience of the ten URSI Commissions, and the ability to answer questions on the work.


Chair of the Student Competition Committee:

Prof. Sembiam Rengarajan

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair, USNC-URSI

California State University, Northridge, CA  (USA)