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Ionospheric Radio and Propagation (including ionospheric communications and remote sensing of ionised media)


The Commission deals with the study of the ionosphere in order to provide the broad understanding necessary to support space and ground-based radio systems. Specifically, the Commission addresses the following areas:

  • Global morphology and modelling of the ionosphere;
  • Ionospheric space-time variations;
  • Development of tools and networks needed to measure ionospheric properties and trends;
  • Theory and practice of radio propagation via the ionosphere;
  • Application of ionospheric information to radio systems.

To achieve these objectives, the Commission co-operates with other URSI Commissions, corresponding bodies of the ICSU family (IUGG, IAU, COSPAR, SCOSTEP, etc) and other organisations (ITU, IEEE, etc.).


Contact all Commission Official Members through group maillist (Only accessible if you're a member)
Contact all people who have indicated their interest in this Commission through the Commission Mailing List (moderated mailing list)

Official Members

ARGENTINAProf. S.M. RADICELLApostmast@caerce.edu.ar
AUSTRALIADr. P. WILKINSONp.wilkinson@bom.gov.au
AUSTRIADr. M. FRIEDRICHMartin.Friedrich@tugraz.at
BELGIUMMr R. WARNANTRene.Warnant@ulg.ac.be
BRAZILDr. I.S. BATISTAinez@dae.inpe.br
BULGARIADr. N. KILIFARSKAnkilifarska@geophys.bas.bg
CANADADr. D.R. THEMENSdavid.themens@gmail.com
CHILEDr. A. FOPPIANOalberto.foppiano@dgeo.udec.cl
CHINA (CIE)Prof. ZHAOdicilab@yahoo.com.cn
CHINA (SRS)Prof. Y-H CHUyhchu@jupiter.ss.ncu.edu.tw
CZECH REPUBLICDr. J. BOSKAboska@ufa.cas.cz
DENMARKProf. P. HØEGhoeg@space.dtu.dk
EGYPTProf. H.A. MALHATer_honida1@yahoo.com
FINLANDDr. A. AIKIOAnita.Aikio@oulu.fi
FRANCEDr. S. CELESTINsebastien.celestin@cnrs-orleans.fr
GERMANYDr. R. LATTECKlatteck@iap-kborn.de
GREECEProf. J. KANELLOPOULOSikanell@cc.ece.ntua.gr
HUNGARYProf. P. BENCZEbencze@ggki.hu
INDIADr A.K. PATRAakpatra@narl.gov.in
IRELANDProf. M. AMMANNmax.ammann@dit.ie
ISRAELDr. Yuval REUVENIyuvalr@ariel.ac.il
ITALYDr. M. MATERASSImassimo.materassi@fi.isc.cnr.it
JAPANDr M. YAMAMOTOyamamoto@rish.kyoto-u.ac.jp
NETHERLANDSDr. R.P. CERDEIRAroberto.prieto.cerdeira@esa.int
NEW ZEALANDProf. W.J. BAGGALEYjack.baggaley@canterbury.ac.nz
NIGERIADr. A.B. RABIUtunderabiu2@gmail.com
NORWAYProf. k. OKSAVIKKjellmar.Oksavik@uib.no
PERUDr. J.L. CHAUchau2iap@gmail.com
POLANDDr. I. STANISLAWSKAstanis@cbk.waw.pl
PORTUGALProf. P. R. T. PINHOppinho@deetc.isel.pt
RUSSIAProf. D.V. IVANOVdvivanov77@gmail.com
SAUDI ARABIADr. A. AL-RAJEHIarrajehi@kacst.edu.sa
SINGAPOREDr. E.-X LIUliuex@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg
SOUTH AFRICAMs. Z. KATAMZIzkatamzi@sansa.org.za
SPAINProf. J.L. PIJOAN VIDALjoanp@salle.url.edu
SWEDENDr. I. HAGGSTROMingemar.haggstrom@eiscat.se
TURKEYProf. I. ÜNALibrahim.unal@inonu.edu.tr
UKRAINEProf. Yu. M. YAMPOLSKYyampol@rian.kharkov.ua
UNITED KINGDOMDr. E. PRYSEsep@aber.ac.uk
USADr. A. KOMJATHYattila.komjathy@jpl.nasa.gov

Working Groups

EHGSolar Power Satellite Chair: H. Matsumoto (Japan), Co-Chair for Commission E: J. Gavan (Israel), Co-Chair for Commission H: K. Hashimoto (Japan);
FGHJRFI Mitigation and CharacterizationChairs for Commission F: A.K. Mishra (South Africa), D. Le Vine (USA) Chair for Commission G: T. Bullett (USA) Chair for Commission H: H. Rothkaehl (Poland) Chairs for Commission J: R. Bradley (USA), W. Baan (Netherlands)
G.1Ionosonde Network Advisory Group (INAG)Group Chair: I.A.Galkin (USA), Vice-Chairs: J.B. Habarulema (South Africa), B. Ning (China), INAG Editor: K. Wang (Australia)
G.2Studies of the Ionosphere Using Beacon SatellitesChair : P. Doherty (U.S.A.) and co-chairs B.Nava (Italy) and Andrzej Krankowski (Poland)
G.3Incoherent ScatterChair : I. McCrea (UK); Vice-Chair: E. Spanswick (Canada)
GEHSeismo Electromagnetics (Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling)Co-Chair for Commission E: M. Y. Hobara (Japan) Co-Chair for Commission G: S. Pulinets (Russia) Co-Chair for Commission H: H.Rothkaehl (Poland)
GFMiddle Atmosphere Co-Chair for Commission G: J. Röttger (Germany) Co-Chair for Commission F: C.H. Liu (China, SRS);
GJFEHInterdisciplinary Space WeatherCo-Chair for G: I. Stanislawska (Poland) Co-Chair for J: R. Fallows (Netherlands)


Report TitleLink
2002-2005 triennium - Com. G Report
2005-2008 triennium - Com. G ReportDownload
2008-2011 triennium - Com. G ReportDownload
2011-2014 triennium - Com. G ReportDownload
2014-2017 triennium - Com. G ReportDownload
GASS 2005 - New Dehli - Report of Com. G Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2008 - Chicago - Report of Com. G Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2011 - Istanbul - Report of Com. G Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2014 - Beijing - Report of Com. G Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2017 - Montreal - Report of Com. G Business meetingsDownload

Commission Resolutions


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