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Fields and waves, Electromagnetic theory and applications


The interest of Commission B is fields and waves, encompassing theory, analysis, computation, experiments, validation and applications. Areas of emphasis are :

  • Time-domain and frequency-domain phenomena;
  • Scattering and diffraction;
  • General propagation including waves in specialised media;
  • Guided waves;
  • Antennas and radiation;
  • Inverse scattering and imaging.

The Commission fosters the creation, development, and refinement of analytical, numerical, and measurement techniques to understand these phenomena. It encourages innovation and seeks to apply interdisciplinary concepts and methods.


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Contact all people who have indicated their interest in this Commission through the Commission Mailing List (moderated mailing list)

Official Members

ARGENTINAProf. V. TRAINOTTIvtrainotti@ieee.org
AUSTRALIAProf. P.D. SMITHpaul.smith@mq.edu.au
AUSTRIADr. H. ARTHABERholger.arthaber@tuwien.ac.at
BELGIUMProf. H. ROGIERhendrik.rogier@ugent.be
BRAZILProf. F.J.S. MOREIRAfernandomoreira@ufmg.br
CANADAProf. A. KISHKahmed.kishk@concordia.ca
CHINA (CIE)Dr. D. SUsdl@buaa.edu.cn
CHINA (SRS)Prof. H-C CHANGhungchun@ntu.edu.tw
CZECH REPUBLICProf. Z. SKVORskvor@feld.cvut.cz
DENMARKProf. O. BREINBJERGob@elektro.dtu.dk
EGYPTProf. H.S. ELHENNAWYhelhennawy@ieee.org
FINLANDProf. A. SIHVOLAAri.Sihvola@aalto.fi
FRANCEDr. P. POULIGUENphilippe.pouliguen@intradef.gouv.fr
GERMANYProf. T. EIBERTeibert@tum.de
GREECEProf. T. TSIBOUKIStsibukis@auth.gr
HUNGARYDr. Gy. VESZELYVeszely@evt.bme.hu
INDIADr D. GUHAdebatoshguha@rediffmail.com
IRELANDProf. V.F. FUSCOmichelle.mccusker@ecit.qub.ac.uk
ISRAELProf. A. BOAGboag@tauex.tau.ac.il
ITALYProf M. PASTORINOmatteo.pastorino@unige.it
JAPANProf. T. UNOuno@cc.tuat.ac.jp
NETHERLANDSProf. Dr. A. YAROVOYa.yarovoy@ewi.tudelft.nl
NEW ZEALANDProf. R. VAUGHANrvaughan@sfu.ca
NIGERIADr. V. CHUKWUMAvictorchukwuma@yahoo.com
NORWAYProf. E. EIDEegil.eide@ntnu.no
PERUDr. M. YARLEQUE MEDINAmyarleq@pucp.edu.pe
POLANDProf. W. ZIENIUTYCZwlodimierz.zieniutycz@pg.edu.pl
PORTUGALProf. C. PEIXEIROustodio.peixeiro@lx.it.pt
RUSSIADr. A.P. KUROCHKINkurochkin@vega.su
SINGAPOREDr. Oo ZAW ZAWzawzo@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg
SLOVAKIADr. E. COCHEROVAelena.cocherova@stuba.sk
SOUTH AFRICAProf. A.R. CLARKalanrobertclark@gmail.com
SOUTH KOREAProf. S. NAMsnam@snu.ac.kr
SPAINProf. F. MEDINA-MENAmedina@us.es
SWEDENProf. M. NORGRENmartin.norgren@ee.kth.se
SWITZERLANDProf. J. R. MOSIGJuan.Mosig@epfl.ch
TURKEYProf. A.E. YILMAZaeyilmaz@eng.ankara.edu.tr
UKRAINEProf. O.A. TRETYAKOVtretyakov@penta.gyte.edu.tr
UNITED KINGDOMDr. A. ALOMAINYa.alomainy@gmul.ac.uk
USAAssoc. Prof. J. SIMPSONjamesina.simpson@utah.edu

Working Groups

EBChaos and Complexity in EMco-Chairs: G. Gradoni (UK), and A. Sihvola (Finland)


Report TitleLink
2002-2005 triennium - Com. B ReportDownload
2005-2008 triennium - Com. B ReportDownload
2008-2011 triennium - Com. B ReportDownload
2011-2014 triennium - Com. B ReportDownload
2014-2017 triennium - Com. B ReportDownload
GASS 2005 - New Dehli - Report of Com. B Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2008 - Chicago - Report of Com. B Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2011 - Istanbul - Report of Com. B Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2014 - Beijing - Report of Com. B Business meetingsDownload
GASS 2017 - Montreal - Report of Com. B Business meetingsDownload

Commission Resolutions


URSI Commission B has organized the “URSI Commission B School for Young Scientists” since 2013 as follows:

  • 1st School at EMTS 2013, Hiroshima, Japan
  • 2nd School at GASS 2014, Beijing, China
  • 3rd School at AT-RASC 2015, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • 4th School at EMTS 2016, Espoo, Finland
  • 5th School at AT-RASC 2018, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • 6th School at EMTS 2019, San Diego, CA, USA

This School is a one-day event held on the occasions of the three major URSI meetings (GASS, AT-RASC, EMTS), and is sponsored by URSI Commission B. The School offers a short, intensive course, where a series of lectures are delivered by leading scientists in the Commission B community. Young scientists are encouraged to learn fundamentals and future directions in the area of electromagnetic theory from these lectures.


The following is a list of topics and instructors, together with the links to the Lecture Notes, at the past Schools:


The next School is planned to be organized on August 29, 2020 on the occasion of the following URSI Flagship Meeting: XXXIII URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS 2020)